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What is www.ACountryConnection.com?

A Country Connection is a Community Resource Center (Website) that serves a few purposes....

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What is Community Connections?

Community Connections is our newsletter promoting the website and helping us make connections in our community.


We are fortunate to be in an area surrounded by many unique communities that are rich in history and have so much to offer. The WEBSITE and Community Connections Newsletter are a means to connect these communities.

Armor Fabrication and Fence

Armor Fabrication & Fence
29010 Lilac Rd. Valley Center, CA 92082

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2          SPRING CLEANING-  We have some tips for spring cleaning and organization.


3          GUN SAFETY-  Eddie Eagle® tells kids what to do if they see a gun.


5          LYME DISEASE-  The story of a young woman’s courage, strength and perseverance living with Lyme Disease.


10        THE PARENT COMPANY-  A terrific resource for both adults and children.


15        CHILD SAFETY-  Important safety tips to pass on to your children.


17        SAFETY ON THE ROAD-  Keeping our roads safe is up to all of us. Here are some helpful reminders.


18        THINGS TO DO-  There’s a lot going on, and you don’t want to miss any of it!


21        AN ORGANIZATION WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN HAY?-  REINS (Riding Emphasizing Individual Needs and Strengths) has been providing therapeutic horseback riding since 1999.



SynFast Oil Change
Spring is in the air
and that means SRING CLEANING and ORGANIZING. It’s the perfect time to tackle projects that have been lingering all year long and get a fresh start. A good place to start is:

Computers - how about giving our computers a good cleaning? All those emails that clutter our inboxes, files that get saved in places we can’t find without doing a search. Those precious photos that get lost, when organized, would save us time and allow us to enjoy them even more.


Makeup and Skincare – Cosmetics don’t always have expiration dates on them, but they do have a shelf life. Expert opinions vary on how long that life is. Most agree 3 months for mascara because airborne bacteria are being forced into the container every time it is used. This can cause serious infections like pink eye. If you come across makeup that hasn’t been used in a while or you can’t remember buying it, chances are its time to replace it. Don’t forget to clean makeup brushes and sponges frequently.


Pets and supplies – Shower your best friend and his belongings with pet friendly cleaning products like Bio Groom. Freshen up his bed by cleaning or airing it out. It is sure to make your best friend happy.

Kids Toys – When my kids were small I would hand them a toy (or anything for that matter) and the first thing they would do with it - is put it in their mouths. What a way to spread nasty germs. Take some time to empty the toy box and clean everything in it. While you’re at it don’t forget to clean the toy box, highchairs and playpens too. Everything they come into contact with should be disinfected regularly.


Ceiling Fans and Vents – Cleaning fans and vents (especially after sitting dormant for a season) will cut down on the dust and dander you spread throughout your house.


Medicine Cabinet – Although some medications may not be harmful past their expiration dates, they can lose their potency. If stored in the bathroom (the place most medicine cabinets are located) they become exposed to fluctuating temperatures and humidity which can also alter the effects of the drugs. Prescriptions like tetracycline (antibiotics) can cause kidney damage if used past expiration. Drug interaction is also a serious consideration. Thousands of deaths each year are attributed to improper use of both prescription and over the counter drugs. Be sure the medications you are currently taking are compatible with each other. Talk to your pharmacist about expiration dates and other concerns




According to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) 14,000,000+ guns were purchased last year. That number doesn’t include unregistered firearms.

With that being said when it comes to gun safety it really doesn’t matter whether we agree or disagree with current gun laws. We should realize any home could possibly contain a firearm. Eddie the Eagle reminds children if they find a gun:


Don’t Touch.

Leave the Area.

Tell an Adult.


Eddie The Eagle is the mascot for The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program

Emergency Kits     AmberAlert GPS


Whether it’s a hobby or a new career choice you can achieve your personal and professional goals and increase your earning potential with online classes. Learn anytime and anywhere!  Checkout
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Online Classes for your TEEN!

Did you know the #1 killer of teens in America today is car crashes where another teen was driving?  Drivers Education is more important than ever.


Lyme Disease: The Great Imitator
By Jessica Madson

My name is Jessica and I am a married mother of two daughters who lives in the North County of San Diego. Although I was born in Illinois, I have lived in the San Diego area since 1979.


I had a typical childhood going to school, playing sports and participating in other outside activities. As I got into high school I began having chronic stomach trouble. The forgetfulness I was lovingly teased about as a child continued and I couldn’t seem to concentrate in school or stay focused. I began feeling run down and like I was tired more than I should be. Then in my 20’s I began having some troubles with an elevated heart rate and feeling out of breath. The ADD type symptoms I had, continued to get worse. I began seeking some medical help for what the cause of these symptoms might be but came up empty handed. I began to think I was just a stressed out working mom and that maybe I had brought these issues upon myself.


In approximately late 2008 I had a sudden episode of severe muscle pain in my forearms leaving me unable to hold a dinner plate. Over a couple of days I lost all of my strength. I couldn’t get the toothpaste out of the tube or hold a pencil and write. I once again sought medical help and was left with no answers. My symptoms began to progress at a much quicker pace. I now had problems climbing a flight of stairs, had severe bouts of muscle pains in my arms and legs, had sporadic nerve pain, brain fog, weakness; the list goes on and on. I was sent to a neurologist, and the best guess was that I had Fibromyalgia. Little did I know at the time that Fibromyalgia was really just a name for a group of symptoms, it didn’t answer why this was happening. As my health continued to get worse I continued searching for answers.


After many doctors and much research I finally got a correct diagnosis in April of 2010. I had Lyme disease. I had heard of it growing up and was under the same impression as most people…you got it from the bite of a deer tick in some state other than California, you developed a bulls eye rash at the site of the bite and it would be easy to treat. What I learned over the next few months changed my life. I most likely got Lyme disease at about 7yrs old when I was bitten by a tick right in my own front yard here in San Diego. I never developed a bull’s eye rash. In fact my first symptoms may have been the forgetfulness and stomach trouble that plagued me when I was younger. I have been fighting this disease ever since and am finally feeling like I am starting to get some of my life back.
Continued on page 7


Fashionable Organization
thirty one fashionable accessories

Lyme Disease
continued from page 5

I feel it is my duty to share with everyone what I can about this awful disease. The facts are not widely known and if even one person is helped by my story it will make it all worth it. First let me start by saying that Lyme disease is one of the fastest spreading infectious diseases in the US. It is a very controversial illness and finding a doctor well versed in Lyme can be difficult. Lyme Disease is known as the “Great Imitator” and is often misdiagnosed as MS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Arthritis just to name a few. There may even be a link between Lyme and Autism, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. It can affect any organ in the body, including the brain and nervous system, joints, nerves, and heart.


Not everyone gets a bull’s eyes rash. Most people don’t even know they have been bit. Flu like symptoms may be the first indicator of Lyme. Lyme disease is not only carried by deer ticks and has been found in all 50 states of the US as well as on every continent except Antarctica. There is no definitive blood test for Lyme. Lyme is considered a clinical diagnosis based on symptoms and history with blood tests to support the diagnosis. The bacterium that causes Lyme is known as a spirochete. They are very good at evading the immune system and may take on different forms.


In addition to Lyme, many people also suffer from what are known as co-infections. These are other bacteria or parasites that cause additional diseases such as Babesia, Erlichia, and Bartonella. There is currently no cure for Lyme disease and often long term, high dose antibiotics are needed as part of treatment.


Lyme disease has taken a severe toll on my health, my finances and my family. After my diagnosis I began herbal supplements to help bring down the bacterial load in my body. A few months later, in June of 2010, I began multiple antibiotics to help fight the multiple forms of Lyme bacteria and co-infections my body was dealing with. Due to the severity of my illness and the length of time I had been sick I was told I would need IV antibiotics. In January of 2011 I had a chest port placed and did about 7 months of IV antibiotics while continuing on many oral antibiotics.  I have also done alternative therapies such and Bio-photon (light) therapy, energetic treatments and lots of things to help my body detoxify. Although I have health insurance much of the treatment is not covered, leaving patients like me to pay upwards of $1000 a month.

Continued on page 9

Avon Foundation

Avon Foundation Information:

The Avon Foundation is an accredited 501(c)(3) public charity in the US that was founded in 1955 to improve the lives of women and their families. Now past the half century mark, the Avon Foundation brings this mission to life through two key areas of focus: the fight against breast cancer and support for women's empowerment, including economic advancement and the issue of domestic violence, and more than 300 grants area awarded each year for these important causes. The flagship programs are the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, which works to advance access to care and finding a cure; and Speak Out Against Domestic Violence, focused on ending the cycle of domestic violence, with a special focus on children. Avon is proudly the largest corporate supporter of the breast cancer cause, with programs in 50 countries, and the commitment to domestic violence is growing.

Avon and the Avon Foundation also respond quickly to national and international emergencies, raising funds and providing support for women and families affected by incidents such as the attacks of September 11, 2001; the tsunami in Southeast Asia; Hurricanes Rita and Katrina; and the military conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Funds are raised through a variety of events, such as the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer series, and the sale of special fundraising products by Avon Sales Representatives. In 2006, the combined global philanthropy of Avon and the Avon Foundation reached an extraordinary milestone: more the $500 million raised and awarded.
More information is available at www.avonfoundation.org/

Avon Foundation

My name is Jenna and I am an Escondido/San Diego native.

You can reach me at 801.875.0286 after 1:00pm (PST)

or email me at jbfitzgerald@gmail.com

Visit my website: www.avon.com/jenna-michelle


Lyme Disease
continued from page 7


I recently lost a 13 yr. career in the fire service and am working hard to regain my health so I can  help provide for my family.  In March of 2012 I confirmed one of my worst fears in that my 8 yr. old daughter has active Lyme disease. Because I had this disease when I was pregnant it was believed I had most likely passed it on to my two daughters. Although my 5 yr. old is probably carrying the bacteria, her body is keeping it in check for the time being. We are happy to have found some natural treatments and remedies that can help our children fight this off early without the use of the high dose, long term antibiotics I have used.


The following is a partial list of symptoms caused by Lyme disease:

Flu like illness • Rash • Bell’s Palsy • Headache • Brain Fog • Stiff Neck • Light or Sound sensitivity • Sleep Disturbance Anxiety • Depression • Mood Swings • Heart Palpitations • Shortness of Breath • Tingling, Burning, or Shooting Pains

If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, have been told there is nothing wrong with you, or that it is all in your head I encourage you to do some research and ask about the possibility of Lyme disease.

Resources you may find helpful:

“Under Our Skin”- Documentary available for purchase, on Netflix, and on some demand by some cable providers.




You may read more about my journey at www.jessicamadson.blogspot.com

I hope you found my story informative. Stay healthy.-Jessica

I remember Jessica as a fun loving, caring and compassionate teen. In high school she worked with the students with special needs, including my son. She even accompanied him to his senior prom. She has a heart of gold and has helped so many. Now she needs our help. Please visit www.gofundme.com/mylymetreatment/ Thank you for your support.
Mary- A Country Connection

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The Parent Company is an excellent source for information and activities for both adults and children. This website offers books, videos, coloring activities and more, all at no cost. The materials are for anyone interested in learning about Christianity. It is also a good resource for homeschoolers. Visit their website for the complete story and coloring book of DINOSAUR NO MORE! and many others.
Wear Bike Helmet On Bicycles - Not On Playgrounds

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warns that children should not wear bike helmets when playing, especially on playground equipment. CPSC has reports of two strangulation deaths to children when their bike helmets became stuck in openings on playground equipment, resulting in hanging. CPSC also has reports of four cases where no injury occurred. In two of these cases the children were on playground equipment.

Children should always wear helmets while riding their bikes. But, when a child gets off the bike, take off the helmet. There is a “hidden hazard” of strangulation if a child wears a helmet while playing on playground equipment.

Waynes Watch World Inc

Happy Mother's Day
Make Mother's Day special with breakfast in bed. Mom is sure to love Baked Apple Upside Down French Toast (click for recipe). Don't forget to include the "clean up" as part of her gift!
Business Worth Talking About.....

(Testimonials from “Tried and True” Customer Reviews)

Find contact information for the following companies in the Business Directory at www.acountryconnection.com/businessdirectory.html

AmeriClean Carpet Cleaning

"AmeriClean is a courteous and respectful carpet cleaning service. They returned my call promptly and did a great job on my carpets. I will definitely use them in the future."


David Odle Construction

“We would like to recommend David and his workmanship. David removed, replaced, and reconditioned decorative exterior ridge beams for us. His recommendations saved time and money. He was timely, diligent, and very pleasant during his time with us. His contract was complete but yet easy to understand. Many thanks, David, for all your hard work.”


Freer Auto Repair
”Freer Auto is the most honest repair shop I've been to, and their prices were better than any of the quotes I received. My car runs like its brand new and its 12 years old! I will continue to take my own vehicle there, and will recommend them to my family and friends.”


Smokey’s Lake Wohlford Cafe

“The service and the food was the usual, excellent. The friendliest staff and quick service always makes the meal better.”

If there is a business you would like to recommend we would like to hear about it. Post your review on our “Tried and True” Customer Reviews page at:  www.acountryconnection.com/customerreviews.html   

If you would like to add a business to the directory go to:  www.acountryconnection.com/contactus.html

Spring into action and become a volunteer

Being a parent of a child with special needs I have witnessed firsthand the role a volunteer can play in ones life. My son was fortunate to have caring volunteers that took him to fun events and activities that wouldn’t have been possible without their help.

If you are considering becoming a volunteer, let me say that it is one of the best choices you can make. Not just for yourself, but for your community. Whether you’re stocking shelves at the local shelter, walking dogs, or visiting with an elderly person, knowing you are affecting lives in a positive way will fill you with a sense of pride and satisfaction that you never could have expected. It can truly change your life.

 If you have never volunteered before let me challenge you to give it a try. You will enrich the life of someone in need and in return you will receive rewards that far outweigh the time you give.
Child Safety Tips

Spring has sprung and with that comes warmer temperatures and many outdoor activities. With that in mind we wanted to pass on some safety tips from BeyondMissing for you to share with your children.

I will always tell my parents where I am going and when I'll be home and return home before dark. I will always play or go places with at least one other person - NOT alone. I know my body belongs to me. I will trust my feelings. I will say NO and run away from a situation that doesn't feel right. There are certain kinds of strangers that can assist me when I need help. For instance: mothers with children, other children, police in uniform or store clerks in the mall. I will walk and play at places my parents said were OK. I will avoid shortcuts or alleys. I will not allow adults to trick or force me into going places or doing things like; help find pets, carry packages, take pictures, play games, or take drugs with them. I will always check with my parents first. I will not accept candy, money, gifts or rides from any adult without my parent's permission. I will always lock my home and car doors. I will not tell anyone that I am home alone. I will learn to dial 911. I will learn to use the pay phone without money. I will learn my address and phone number. I will always walk against traffic on the sidewalk
BeyondMissing is a nonprofit public benefit corporation, 501 (c) (3). BeyondMissing was founded by Marc Klaas on June 8, 2001. Marc Klaas began to pursue an aggressive child safety agenda for the nation's children following the kidnap and murder of his twelve year old daughter Polly. Mr. Klaas provides the vision and the day to day leadership for the organization.


Image Solutions Salon

Safety on the Road

The warm weather is here and many are busy planning their vacations. With thousands on the road getting to our destination can be risky and sometimes scary. There are many things we can do to be safe.

Safety tips while driving any vehicle:

  • SLOW DOWN- allow enough time for travel, accidents happen when we’re in a hurry.
  • DON’T drink and drive
  • DON’T text or do anything that will be distracting while driving
  • ALLOW reaction space between you and the vehicle in front of you
  • ASSUME there are motorcycles and bicycles that you cannot see
  • If you come upon something in your lane (bicyclist, animal, etc) SLOW DOWN and turn on your FLASHERS, DON’T veer off the road or swerve into oncoming traffic


Safety tips for Motorcyclists:

  • Make sure your headlight is on day and night.
  • Assume motorists can’t see you
  • Avoid frequent lane changes
  • Use turning signals and brake lights well in advance
  • Keep a safe distance between you and the other vehicles, allowing you time to react to the unexpected
  • Never ride side by side with another motorcycle
  • Take a training course

You're in for some GOOD stories with a visit to one of these fabulous BOOK STORES!


Belle Marie Winery

Spring Fishing Classic Sale Online                                                       at Basspro.com


Doane Pond, Palomar Mtn.

Lake Cuyamaca, Julian

Lake Dixon, Escondido

Lake Henshaw, Hwy 76 towards Julian

Lake Hodges, Escondido

Lake Jennings Recreation Area, Lakeside

Lake Wohlford, Escondido



7, 10:00am – 1st Saturday Swap Meet Biggs Harley Davidson, San Marcos

17, 12:00pm Tax Relief GAR Ride, Biggs Harley Davidson, San Marcos

20-22, Lakeside Rodeo, Lakeside Rodeo Grounds, Lakeside

21, 10:00am – Lakeside Western Days Parade, Woodside & Maine, Lakeside

21-22, 9am-2pm – South Coast Jack Russell Terrier Dog Show, Bates Nut Farm, Valley Center

22, 1pm-4pm – Family Fun Day Belle Marie Winery (see ad on previous page)

28-29, 10:00am-6:00pm – Escondido Renaissance Faire, Felicita Park, Escondido

28-29, 9:00am-5:00pm – Spring Fling Arts ‘n Crafts Fair, Bates Nut Farm, Valley Center

29, 9:00am-3:00pm - Heartbeat Chevy Classic Car Show


5, 11:00am-3:00pm – Cinco de Mayo Fundraiser, Melrose Ranch, Escondido

5-6 – Ramona Bluegrass & Old West Festival, Outdoor Community Center, Ramona

5-6, 10:00am-6:00pm Escondido Renaissance Faire, Felicita Park, Escondido

18-20 - Ramona Rodeo, Outdoor Community Center, Ramona

19, 5:30-10:00pm Annual Bonsall Wine, Brews & Blues Festival

20, 10:00am-5:30pm – Escondido Street Faire, Grand Ave., Escondido

26, 9:00am-3:00pm – American Heritage Car Show, Grape Day Park, Escondido

25-27, VC Western Days “Celebrating our Heritage” – Friday night, Honorary Mayor’s Race, Saturday, Parade starts at 10:00am, Cole Grade Rd to Lilac, Festival to follow at Community Hall, Valley Center

27, 9:30am-3pm – Fallbrook Vintage Car Club’s 47th Annual Car Show, Potter Jr. High School, Fallbrook

For more information and links to these events visit www.acountryconnection.com/events.html

Cruisin’ GrandFriday nights 5pm Grand Ave-between Orange St & Ivy St CRUZ’N THE LAKESFriday nights 3pm until park closesSantee Lakes

A Look Ahead
San Diego County Fair
Father’s DayCommunity Yard Sale
21st Annual International Motorcycle & Scooter
Ride to Work day
Irving Berlin's ANNIE GET YOUR GUN
23rd Annual REINS of Life Charity Golf Tournament

Fourth of July Events
Del Mar Races
Julian Vintage Car Show

Palomar Mtn Volunteer Fire Dept. Annual BBQ Fundraiser

Tuesday, the 6th, ELECTION DAY

For more information and links to these events visit www.acountryconnection.com/events.html


To add an event visit: www.acountryconnection.com/contactus.html

An Organization worth more than its weight in hay?

WHO has been putting smiles on the faces of children and adults since 1984? If you guessed REINS you are right!

REINS (Riding Emphasizing Individual Needs and Strengths) is an organization that provides therapeutic horseback riding to individuals with disabilities. REINS got their start in a backyard in San Marcos, CA. In 1999 they purchased and relocated to their permanent location in Fallbrook. In 2009 they received a generous donation and were able to pay off the mortgage.


REINS is currently providing therapeutic riding to nearly 200 students (both children and adults) each week, with the help of over 300 volunteers.

The expense to run this type of program is huge and they depend on donations, fundraisers and volunteers to keep them going.


There are several ways you can help. I have listed a few:

  • Become a SPONSOR
  • Make a DONATION (see wish list below)
  • Participate in a FUNDRAISER (see website for events)


-Trash Bags   -Sand for Arenas   -Air Conditioners   -Medicine Balls  -Equine Senior Horse Feed   -Used Tack & Riding Apparel

Full WISH LIST at: www.reinsprogram.org/support-reins/wish-list


reins coupon

It is estimated that nearly 30 billion dollars worth of unused gift cards are in American homes. Its time to cash-in! Sell your unused gifts cards (up to 92% of value) or buy someone else’s at a discounted price (up to 35% off). Purchasing a gift card at discounted rates can save you money on large ticket items (furniture and fixtures at Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc) and small (clothing, groceries, etc.). Visit our gift ideas page for direct links AND Mother's Day gift ideas

Pittman & Davis

Shop Taste of Home

Is there a sweeter way to get your antioxidants and possibly lower your cholesterol than with a delicious assortment of chocolate?

Fruit delivered to your home. This healthy, delicious treat is good for just about anyone on your list, and don’t forget to get one for yourself!

For the chef on your list, how about a cookbook for as little as $5.00?  



Angels & Inspirations
David Odle Construction
Tri City Carpet


Important Phone Numbers and Information




Eddie The Eagle Gun Safe Program, NRA (National Rifle Association)


Lyme Disease: the Great Imitator

Special thanks to Jessica Madson for sharing her personal experience with our readers. Follow Jessica through her blog at www.jessicamadson.blogspot.com



Courtesy of Kelly L. Segraves



U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)



Recipe reprinted by permission: Shelburne Inn & China Beach Retreat, WA.



Courtesy of BeyondMissing.com


Items not listed are from the www.acountryconnection.com website, their affiliates and advertisers.


©All rights reserved.

Underground Service Alert  BEFORE YOU DIG Dial 811 - or - 1.800.227.2600

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