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The following FYI's were submitted for informational purposes only.  This is not medical or legal advise and this is not an endorsement from A Country Connection.  Please read with your own discretion.

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C L E A N I N G   F O R   A   R E A S O N

If you know any woman currently undergoing Chemo, please pass the word to her that there is a cleaning service that provides FREE housecleaning once a month for 4 months while she is in treatment.  All she has to do is sign up and have her doctor fax confirmation of the treatment.  Cleaning For A Reason will have a participating maid service in her zip code area arrange for the service.  For more information, log onto www.cleaningforareason.org

Every 10 years, the U.S. government takes a count of every resident in the country, as required by the Constitution. Their are some facts you should know, to protect yourself from potential scammers.

  • the US Census Bureau will not send emails requesting information
  • the Census Bureau will never ask for a full social security number, bank account numbers, PIN numbers or donations

Visit the US Census Bureau website for more information

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I attended a webinar recently, and learned about some of the tactics used by hackers to get our personal data. First of all, these are not people who sit in their basements figuring out how they can rip people off (like I had assumed). These are highly educated people working on sophisticated systems. They operate like a multi-million dollar corporation would. That's pretty much what they are. One of the tactics they are using is they will go into a parking lot and "drop" a thumb-drive. You see this drive, pick it up and plug it into your computer. The instant it is inserted into your computer all your information is compromised and on its way to the hackers. Just wanted to pass this on, hope it helps.

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Know the Difference between a Cold and H1N1 Flu Symptoms: 

Symptom  Cold  H1N1 Flu 
Fever  Fever is rare Temperatures of  100F or higher for 3 to 4 days
Coughing  A hacking (mucus-producing) cough is often present  A dry cough is usually present
Aches  Slight body aches and pains  Severe aches and pains
Stuffy  Stuffy nose is commonly present and typically resolves spontaneously within a week  Stuffy nose is not commonly present 
Chills  Chills are uncommon  Chills occur in 60% of cases
Tiredness Tiredness is fairly mild  Tiredness is moderate to severe
Sneezing  Sneezing is common Sneezing is not common
Sudden Symptoms   Symptoms tend to develop over a few days shortness of breath - tight chest  Rapid onset within 3-6 hours with sudden symptoms of high fever - muscle aches - shortness of breath - tight chest
Headache  Headaches are fairly mild  Headache occur in 80% of cases
Sore Throat Sore throat is commonly present  Sore throat is not commonly present
Chest Discomfort  Chest discomfort is mild to moderate  Chest discomfort is often severe

Stop the epidemic - spread the awareness



Cell Phone Numbers Go Public.  Check it out on snopes.com to verify.  All cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls...... YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS!

To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 1-888-382-1222.

It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute of your time. It blocks your number for five (5) years.

You must call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked.

You cannot call from a different phone number.


It takes about 20 seconds.

According to Charles Fishman, in his article, Message in a Bottle (www.fastcompany.com), Americans spent more money last year on bottled water than on ipods or movie tickets: $15 Billion. Read more...


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