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Second Staff Services


Second Staff was created with your business in mind. Your business has a unique business plan requiring specific tasks.  Second Staff will cater to those needs and help you accomplish the tasks.    Whether you have full time employees that could use help with special projects or you’re self employed needing occasional help, you can enjoy the benefits of running a successful business and hire extra staff ONLY when you need it. 

Second Staff you get “employees” who are: 
v      Professional
v      Dependable
v      Efficient
v      Reliable
v      Creative
v      Organized
v      Productive

But...Without the OVERHEAD


Second Staff provides Quality Service while saving you money on:

v      Office space
v      Pay for employees on slow days
v      Overtime pay on busy days
v      Paid Vacations
v      Paid Holidays
v      Sick days
v      Workmen’s Compensation 
v      Medical insurance
v      Liability insurance

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